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Ropemill park


Our family loves visiting Olde Rope Mill- easy paths, beautiful scenery, close to home.

Went there today to get some fresh air, and found the park and Ropemill park in the dirtiest state I've ever seen. Trash and recycling were overflowing, and trash was blown across the grass.

Over the course of a short walk we found beer bottles, ice cream containers, cigar wrappers, a dime bag, and numerous empty water bottles.

We also found a Walmart bag, which was handy because we easily filled it with the other trash. General rule of thumb: If you see other peoples' trash on the ground, pick it up.

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Leave the park a little more beautiful then when you Ropemill park there. Eric Ferguson I have had similar experiences with the cyclists. The vast majority are polite and aware that the park is Ropemill park. Today both parking lots were full and the majority of cars had bike racks "Ropemill park." I drove to the end of the left side lot, having to be careful of cyclists RIDING in the lot, criss-crossing and oblivious to cars.

Backing up had the same results. Shouldn't the cyclists walk the bikes in the lot? A space opened up and I started to pull in as a cyclist Lots of eye contact and he moved rather begrudgingly. Feeling somewhat annoyed, I made a point of checking the tags on all of the cars in the lots.

Many, many from out of the county and state. Yes, it's open to the public, but if you pay taxes in Woodstock it's annoying to see the park literally taken over by the cyclists. Not a special race day, either.

My wife and I also have had near-misses on the trails where a cyclist comes around a corner and almost runs you down, Ropemill park giving a disgusted look or grunt as they go by. Hey guys, the park is not just for you!

Hopefully the majority of polite cyclists and their organizations will try to influence the Ropemill park with bad habits to share the park. Sure, sometimes dog walkers will leave a huge pile of poop right on the concrete path, and fishermen will leave bait containers etc.

It's not just the cyclists.

We should have a spirit of cooperation and sharing to help Ropemill park enjoy the park. We love this place. Been twice now and our son loves playing in the creek. Only really been on the paved part, but the one trail we have ealked was easy for our 4 year old son to walk.

Avsnitt på den här sidan. E-post eller telefon Lösenord Glömt kontot? Utforska lokala företag på Ropemill park.

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Olde Rope Mill Park Park. Schubert bidrog med det här fotot.

Our family loves visiting Olde...

Inlägg om Olde Rope Ropemill park Park. Bodhi Khaos har lagt till 13 foton och ett videoklipp från 6 januari kl. I närheten av Olde Rope Mill Park.

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. Swift-Cantrell Park Foundation Sport och fritid. Downtown Woodstock Statlig organisation.

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