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List of characters appearing in the animated television series Drawn Together. All eight of the main housemates have physically appeared in every episode and the movie. However, there have been certain episodes where some of them have had no lines of dialogue.

Most of her humor revolves around her bigotry, her gullibility, her stupidity and her religious fanaticism. Among reality show archetypes, she represents the sheltered rich girl. New Orleans ' Julie Stoffera Mormon who had little experience dealing with gays or people of other cultures and who tended to make offensive remarks without realizing it.

Originally, while Clara was portrayed as being bigotedshe never seemed to be genuinely and completely hateful. For example, she seemed to get along with both Foxxy and Xandir despite "Interracial poke while watching south park" bigoted and homophobic, and acted surprised and confused when they were offended by her behavior, as well as having a brother-sister relationship with Wooldoor. She clashes and loses often with Foxxy due to her bigotry, though she sees her as one of her best friends.

Often, Foxxy returns the same feeling, until she makes more bigoted remarks towards her. However, later episodes have her as harsh, strident, fundamentalist and intolerant. Concerned solely with crusading against sinfulness, her desire to quench sin is so strong that she shows no concern for the happiness or well-being of others. In " Clum Babies ", she crusades against both Wooldoor's masturbation and the use of the Clum Babies to heal the sick despite the number of lives that are being saved and diseases that are being cured, but ultimately, and hypocritically, disguises herself in an attempt to procure a Clum Baby to cure her tuberculosis.

On her behavior in this episode, executive producer Freiberger stated, "Clara's attitude about it all is completely in character for her as a character and for her as a symbol of the religious right.

She's definitely a meat eater as we've seen in the past. And she's not above killing animals. But she is against harming embryos no matter how much good it will do for the living Executive Producer Bill Freiberger has stated, when discussing Clara's behavior in "Spelling Applebee's", "While Clara is sometimes misguided out of ignorance or naïveté she is also very often misguided because she is a selfish, spoiled princess figuratively and literally.

Because of her beliefs and bigotry, Clara is a frequent recipient of physical violence at the hands of the other housemates. For the most part, Clara is unaware that she is being offensive to others; her beliefs were implanted on her by her father. Throughout the first half of Season Three, Clara begins a dark, downward spiral, reaching her lowest point in "Lost in Parking Space"; believing that the Rapture had come and left her behind, Clara sells her soul to a delivery driver whom she believes to be Satan and dedicates herself to hurting others, ultimately becoming a torturer.

However, when she discovers that Interracial poke while watching south park first victim is Foxxy, she realizes her mistake and rededicates her life to God, becoming a much kinder and sympathetic individual. In "Ghostesses in the Slot Machine", she is revealed to have a strong Electra complex towards her father, originated from him preferring to be with strippers rather than her, which makes her even have simulated lesbian sex Interracial poke while watching south park Foxxy in front of him.

In original artwork before the show's release, Clara was originally drawn as a blonde, with a different dress and a lighter skin Interracial poke while watching south park. A bizarre children's show character in the mold of SpongeBob SquarePants and Stimpy with many of the typical reality-defying behaviors as seen in the Looney Tunes cartoons and the Tex Avery -directed MGM animated shorts.

He is also good friends with Xandir, Spanky, and sometimes Captain Hero. Most of his humor revolves around his childlike innocence, his happy-go-lucky nature, or his general strangeness; he is often used to assume a variety of professions to fit the needs of the scene.

Among reality show archetypes, he represents the attention-starved weirdo.

Wooldoor is the least mature out of all the main Interracial poke while watching south park, reaching puberty in "Clum Babies"; though it should be noted that Ling-Ling is far younger in actual calendar years, despite being a fully grown individual of his species.

Originally, Wooldoor's role was to have been that of a bipolar drug addict. However, creators Jeser and Silverstein decided to change this when Comedy Central producers protested, noting that the cast's personalities were getting too dark, and they needed a character who was innocent and childlike to contrast with the darker tendencies of the others; though Wooldoor does indeed have a dark side, he rarely shows it.

Originally, while Clara was portrayed...

Wooldoor is originally described as a "Whacky Whatchamacallit", but the species are named "sockbats". The rest of his species was exterminated in a holocaust by a species of Strawberry Shortcake-like characters. In the movie, Wooldoor refers to himself as a "year-old schizophrenic drug addict with jaundice and several deformities.

It is shown in the episode "Drawn Together Babies", that he used to be a human named Walter, but Captain Hero personally caused his "deformities" on a Sit and Spin while interrogating him. In original artwork for the show, Wooldoor's "Interracial poke while watching south park" was yellow like the rest of his skinand he wore socks with sandals.

A sharp-tongued parody of Valerie Brown from Josie and the Pussycatsshe is a promiscuousmystery-solving musician. Most of her humor revolves around her sexual habits and her unsophisticated or uneducated manner of speech; she is often used to poke fun at black stereotypes, but is the wisest and most far-sighted of all the housemates.

Andra porrsajter

Her name is an amalgam of blaxploitation characters Foxy Brown and Christie Love. She Interracial poke while watching south park at least two children, Qualmella and Timmy the circumstances of Timmy's missing status change from episode to episodeas well as a teenage grandson named Ray-Ray. All were mentioned in a few episodes and were then taken away from her. She was also a member of an all-girl band, The Foxxy 5, which consisted of various other female versions of black cartoon characters and is a reference to The Jackson 5 and the "mystery solving" cliche in cartoons.

Among reality show archetypes, she represents the sassy black womanoften acting as the voice of reason among the cast members or as Wooldoor puts it, "the only one in the house who isn't completely retarded"though she does have certain issues that spark her fiery temper, such as people taking her Funyuns.

Foxxy also has father issues ; he left for cigarettes when "Interracial poke while watching south park" was three years old. Her tail is the result of her father having sex with a fox. In original artwork before the show's release, Foxxy Love wore a different outfit. A chubby sex symbol from the s who demands to be the center of attention, cuts herself with razor blades when depressedand often instigates conflict in the house.

She is based on Betty Boop. Most of her humor revolves around her unattractiveness especially her weighther gluttony, or her frequent bouts of psychosis and alcoholism. Toot's passion for cheese, as well as her tendency to cry and put Interracial poke while watching south park weight from "Requiem for a Reality Show"come directly from Crews.

In original artwork before the show's release, Toot had longer hair, a thin waist with broad hipsand wore a strapless dress. A crazy and violent spoof of Pikachu from the Pokémon franchise, who battles using various supernatural abilities and speaks in pseudo-Japanese gibberish or "Japorean", as DiGregorio calls it with English subtitles.

Most of his humor revolves around his sociopathic desires or his difficulty assimilating into American culture; he is often used to poke fun at Asian stereotypes. Among reality show archetypes, he represents the culture-shocked foreigner. T+ Daily ....

However, according to executive producer Freiberger, this is just a gag and not canon. In "Super Nanny", it is shown that because Ling-Ling has Asian-like eyes he sees things as a manga instead of the way everyone else does. It was revealed that he had a bad relationship with his battle monster trainer, Gash a parody of Ash Ketchumwho would not allow him a chance to live his dream of becoming a dancer; in retaliation, Ling-Ling shot an electric ball at Gash and proceeded to disembowel him.

Ling-Ling's abilities include eye-beams, generating spheres of destructive energy with his hands, growing spines and claws when angered, detaching his tail and using it as a sword, secreting an addictive psychotropic drug from his skin when disappointed, and being able to sew almost anything out of raw materials high-end sneakers, working televisions, etc.

One of the recurring gags about the "Japorean" language he speaks is the exclamation " Yoko Ono! In original artwork before the show's release, Ling-Ling was green and much smaller, similar to Jerry the mouse from Tom and Jerry.

Xandir is extremely sensitive, and easily scared or worried; among reality show archetypes, he represents the token gay participant. At the start of the first season, he often south park to be Interracial poke while watching south park "a never-ending quest to save his girlfriend", but in the episode "Gay Bash", along with help from the other housemates, Xandir comes out of the closet and this is often poked fun at by the other males in the house, and criticized by the homophobic Princess Clara.

Xandir's girlfriend dumped him, but he found new love with a genie reminiscent of the character Genie from Aladdinwho was promptly kidnapped by Xandir's nemesis Lord Slashstab. Xandir is now officially on a never-ending quest to save his boyfriend, but never really seems to do anything about it.

This contradicts the notion that he was a confused closet gay with a girlfriend when he entered the show, although the Terminator storyline was very likely only canon to that particular episode. He later became good friends with Wooldoor. Along with Foxxy, Xandir is often the most sane or reasonable member of the house.

He is frequently dismayed and surprised at the bizarre and illogical tangents the other housemates often take especially Captain Hero, whom he shares an odd relationship based upon Captain Hero's particular mood. When asked for advice, his tends to be most grounded in real-world, useful input. In one episode, Toot found a cheat code manual attached to a PlayStation 2 controller in the attic.

When she used it she found that the cheats controlled Xandir. Being a video game Interracial poke while watching south park means that Xandir has "multiple lives" so even though he is sometimes killed on the show, he reappears without any damage with a counter flashing above his head indicating the number of lives he has left. In original artwork before the show's release, Xandir's hair was dark brown and longer, and his skin Interracial poke while watching was much darker.

He was originally supposed to be a satyr, like the Greek god Pan. The lower half of his body was that of "Interracial poke while watching south park" goat, and he possessed horns as well. According to the show's creators, Spanky Ham is a parody of crass Internet flash animation cartoons. Most of his humor revolves around his crudeness.

Among reality show archetypes, he represents the boorish party animal. Spanky has gone through character arcs with most of the main cast in order to show his more sympathetic side, such as helping Ling-Ling to drive, marrying Xandir for his insurance, and being Foxxy's representative in the "Interracial poke while watching south park" Bee circuit. A dimwitted, lecherous, heteroflexible parody of Superman and other superheroeswith a visual style taken from the cartoons of Bruce Timm and Max Fleischer.

Most of his humor revolves around his perverse sexual tastes, his tendency toward violence, or his stupidity; there is also a running joke in which he is heavily suggested to be pansexual and interested in necrophilia. Among reality TV archetypeshe represents the macho egotist. Of all the housemates, Captain Hero saw the most character development over the series.

In the first season, Hero was a simple character with a fairly minor role "Interracial poke while watching south park" the show; he was introduced in the first episode as simply "another person in the house", and as Harnell puts it, his personality was that of an "overgrown frat guy" whose libido was his main source of humor. Over time, however, he grew considerably more complex; consequently, his role was expanded to the point where he became the most frequently used on the show.

In the episode, Hero, after suffering a nervous breakdownmeets his parents for the first time and sees many long-dormant emotional issues rise to the surface. Subsequent episodes would expand on these developments.

By the time of "A Very Special Drawn Together Afterschool Special", it seemed perfectly natural for Hero to be cast in the role of the sensitive and caring if overly emotional nurturer. Captain Hero has not been seen doing many activities commonly associated with superheroes.

He has an "arch nemesis" called Scroto who is a parody of Lex Luthorwhose "villainous" activity always involves tricking Hero and only Hero into washing his testicles in which he says each time "Your balls are clean!

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