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Hunk cant contain his excitement


Our is now published - click here to read it. Sorry but Samsung isn't tricking me again with the S series. My Fascinate still doesn't have 2. Ain't that some poopoo, but i'm loving my Thunderbolt.

Visa mer. Travis Fimmel (from...

Dude, the reason why your Fascinate was stuck in 2. For PA to say its awesome over an iphone4, it must be super duper duper awesome. Nah, if this were Engadget the device would get a 6 or 7 rating. The best would have been if this phone was leaked as the new ifone 5 label and all then peel the logo off and admit it is a Samsung not apple!

Ha, that would be great! I trust Phonearena to give this one an honest score.

The Galaxy S II will...

When you look back at it all of the scores they have given are honest. The last thing you should know is phonearena staff I would think use iPhones as there personal phones. Yes they do use a spectrum of phones for reviewing but have one phone as there main.

Making this myth of android being so confusing. Remember when you had used a windows computer all your life and then you used a mac and found it super confusing I am very excited to see the Phonearena review without a doubt in my mind it will recieve a 9.

Only con will be some weird exterior design they had a problem with. I wont lie the screen does look amazing and the the phone is physically ok but it still doesnt have the aesthetic appeal of htc's phones or their ui, touchwiz pales in comparison to sense and to me thats one of the defining characteristics of a phone the ui.

Just my honest opinion. It looks like SII will play xvid p. I'm really happy that the SII can play. That makes it worth having the p playback. When can we expect full review phonearena.? If the main issue jogutier Hunk cant contain his excitement having android 2.

Why haven't you just changed the rom. I agree samsung said they would have updated it since november last year but the solution has been there for longer. It only takes half an hour of your time to learn and do.

Plus all the benefits of super user apps. Use xda forums it's your friend. The galaxy s 2 is my perfect spec set and I'm not gonna buy it any time soon cause my captivate with cognition mod is so slick it would just be vanity to buy another phone.

Man, my T-mobile wing can take your captivate anyday!

Gift bags don't have to...

And you have the best phone EVER! This has to be one of the most logical comments I've ever seen on PhoneArena. My vibrant is modded to perfection, but im still gonna retire it when the sgs2 comes out. Samsung seem to have done a really good job here, but where I live East Europethat price tag is going to be just way too much for me: I like my inspire with cm7 on it overclocked to 1.

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A helpful feature is the ability to manually place shortcut icons to the functions you use most in the five slots on the left of the screen.

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