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Nubius plows seduction thug style


Literature meets us somewhere between poetry and reality. While reading we are confined in ourselves, perceiving the text through the eyes and minds that life has created for us. I spend most of my time alone in our Nubius plows seduction thug style, in the woods by the lake.

For sure, I work three days a week at a school in Landskrona, by the coast some miles to the west, though there I feel like a temporary guest. This has often been the case for me - being a guest of reality. All my jobs have been temporary, lasting from a few months to several years and often taking place within a wide variety of locations.

This has turned me into an onlooker. A man walks down the street.

It's a street in a strange world. Maybe it's the third world. Maybe it's his first time around.

Does not speak the language. He holds no currency. He is a foreign man. He is surrounded by the sound, the sound. Cattle in the marketplace. He looks around, around. He sees angels in the architecture. He says, "Amen and Hallelujah! Now I spend my life between Bjärnum and Rome. Occasionally, I am together with one of my sisters emptying our parents' home, an epoch has entered the grave, carrying with it memories, some of which were forgotten a long time ago.

Driving the car from Bjärnum and Hässleholm I am listening to the radio, like the newspapers and the TV it is filled to the brim by with the MeToo debate. It even made the cover of Time Magazine and in Sweden it has spread like wildfire.

A phenomenon that always has been obvious now disperses a tremor all through a nation that seems to be able to concentrate on just one issue at the same time.

It´s all or nothing. I have often worked in surroundings dominated by female employees - in restaurants, schools and among the "development set", in the latter setting I have been involved with gender equality issues, both in the field and at different headquarters, among them the one of UNESCO in Paris, where I for a couple of years worked at the Organization's gender equality department, directly under Madame Bukova, UNESCO's Director General.

In several of these places I have witnessed how power structures govern and distinguish people´s behaviour — for women as well as for men. For sure, I have several times witnessed how men abuse their positions by style, offending and insulting women, safely resting within their own sense supremacy, while being protected and spurred by powerful pals.

However, I have also experienced how powerful women have abused their authority by harassing both women and men. How they have used the gender style as well: How can you have the audacity to ask me for maternal leave just to take care for your son, who only suffers from a slight cold? When I had a seriously ill child at home, I sat by his side day and night while I was doing my work from his bedside.

I did not take out any leave. Oh no, not me. I have always done my best to fulfil my duties" Or when one of my bosses was accused of harassing her female staff and was able to avoid an internal investigation by accusing the male chief legal officer of sexual harassment directed towards her, thus causing the investigation to be dropped and the numerous complaints against her were eventually left without any measure whatsoever.

No, no, I am not trying to minimize the sexual harassment that women everywhere are exposed to, I just want to point out that discrimination is generally supported by style fomented by economic, social, religious and political power structures. Who is strong enough to offend others? It often men who are the culprits, acting within the safety net of ancient traditions, which unfortunately to a high degree continues to benefit patriarchal structures and behaviour.

This dos not mean that individual misconduct can be defended by referring to oppressive power structures. A sadistic concentration camp guard, or a member of a Jew massacring Einsatz commando, cannot avoid personal responsibilities by implying he was forced to become a monster due to his submission to a higher authority, something that was convincingly demonstrated style Cristopher Style almost unbearable cruel account - Ordinary Men: On a lesser scale, but nevertheless chocking in its disrespect for human feelings is the behaviour of power drunk male elitists´ harassment and abuse of women.

Such men may dress up their despicable behaviour in a feeble defence similar to that of  the desperate murderer in Fritz Lang's movie M- A city loooks for a murderer  where Peter Lorre´s character shouts: Aber ich kann nicht!

Again and again I have to walk the streets and I always feel there is someone after me, silently persecuting me. But I can hear it anyway. It is my own self! Sometimes it´s like I was running after myself. I want to run — get away from myself, but I can´t — I can´t escape from myself. By doing so, he differs from another fictional female abuser — the Latin teacher Caligula in the Swedish director Alf Sjöberg's movie Tormentwhich won the Grand Prix in Cannes For sure, Caligula also defends his wickedness by declaring: Caligula tears are those of a malignant crocodile.

Even though he acknowledges that he is imprisoned by his own sick desire, he nevertheless regards himself as being an exceptional and superior human being, Nubius plows seduction thug.

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Through his superior language skills and sheltered social position, Caligula is what recently in Sweden has been labelled as a Cultural Personalitywith the power and authority to raise or lower those who obey him.

An advantage he makes use of while harassing and abusing a poor, unprotected woman who works at the tobacco shop in front of his high school.

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